Data refinery

“If data is the oil of the 21st century (you must have heard this before), then we, Infa Partner, help you turn raw data into actionable information for decisions that drive your business.”

We use the Data Refinery concept due to the analogy of the process of refining (= improving) inputs, which takes place in both cases, and not because we would like the dirty and smelly petrochemical plants that have lent their name to the concept. Unlike a refinery in the original meaning of the word, our Data Refinery of the 21st century is perfectly clean and green (a note intended not only for environmentally-minded readers).

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About us

We are a little group of people who met (some of us already many years ago) while working with Informatica company products and little by little we created a company called Infa Partner, which means the Partner of Informatica (by the way, you can shortly call us „Infa“).

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The company was started in 2004, however first contracts were realised already somewhere in the year 2001, still as a part of the Sybase Czech company, from which the Infa Partner has detached. We started as a group of three in very modest offices on Evropská třída in Prague. Important breakpoint was the signature of the distribution contract with the Informatica company. Informatica has become fateful company for many years (only in the most positive sense) and our destiny was connected to it very closely. We became Informatica‘s important partner, who was responsible for its activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. To make the partnership even stronger, we have renamed for some time to INFORMATICA CZ.

All beginnings are hard, but soon we were overwhelmed and we did not know what to do first. We had a lot of offers, presentations, tenders and – god bless – happy customers. We began to grow, our ranks have expanded, as well as our partnership count, who helped us to realise projects. That was one of the reasons why we got customers not just in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia and Romania. The Informatica technologies became widespread and very oftenly used platform for data integration in the whole region.

Another important milestone in our history was year 2012, when we have decided to expand our portfolio and signed contract with important tech companies in the areas of testing data security and predictive analysis. With new products, new experiences have arrived, and because of that, we are no longer just distributor, but a partner who is able to talk data in the business matters.

Shortly, right now we are going through a dramatic change from sucessful software distributor to (hopefully even more successful) service provider, and consulting, teaching and advising company. Currently, we are a company with over fifty million annual turnover, and which has international coverage, respect and good reputation. We try to be the company, who „knows how to talk“ to both huge coporations and startup community. Nobody is too large and nobody is too small for us.

We offer the standard trainings in our training center INFA Partner, on Křenova street 13, Praha 6, and on demand trainings both in our offices or at the customers place. Other than following trainings, we also realise practical workshops to introduce the trainees to another Informatica technologies, such as Informatica Data Quality, Master Data Management, Big Data Management, Test Data Management, Informatica Cloud, etc. Trainings are by default led in the Czech language, but optionally (on demand) they can be realised also in English.

We have helped to clients not just in our homeland, but also abroad. Our fingerprint can be found in Hungary, Austria, Romania, Netherlands and, of course Slovakia.

„Fat“ brands – our customers are and/or were, and therefore use Informatica: ČS, ČSOB, KB, Raiffeisenbank, J&T, VUB, Sberbank, ČPOJ, Allianz, NN pojišťovna, O2, Vodafone, Česká pošta, Letiště, MSD, US Steel, MVČR.

How we cooperate

Step 1 we get your attention → you call us
Step 2 we meet → INFA Partner will set up compatibility
Step 3 we make a deal → we will find common ground
Step 4 we do this together (= the market)

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